Compounding quality assurance system to ensure compliance with USP <795>, USP <797> and USP <800>

Customizable Activities

Schedule, record, and report on virtually any pharmacy-related QA activity. PharmacyKeeper Activities includes smart modules to track basic activities, range activities (such as temperature or humidity), and even includes dynamic scheduling of sterility testing and other specialized events.

Intuitive and Fast Data Capture

All screens have been optimized to enable rapid data capture, ensuring staff compliance while minimizing the impact on workflow.

View Compliance by Location

PharmacyKeeper Activities provides the ability to effortlessly assess performance by shift, location, and even user or activity type.

Full Audit Trail

All data is easily viewable and exportable in a variety of formats. Audit logs provide robust documentation for any auditors or surveyors to verify compliance with sterile compounding best practices.

Ensure Compliance

Allows for electronic auditing for consistent performance & USP 800/795/797 compliance with state Board of Pharmacy regulations.

Identify Problem Areas

Highly customizable alerts – information is targeted & consistent with policies and procedures.

Monitor & Report

Generate high-level metrics and proactively reminds users of periodic and sporadic activities.

Full Audit Trail

Many views of activities – by shift, space, and role. Formalizes best practices developed by staff.


Customized activities for any compounding area with hyperlinks to internal policies & external websites.

Mobile Ready

Promotes staffing flexibility with shift-specific activity roadmaps.

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