Provides real-time, mobile documentation of unit inspections and/or audits compliant with Accreditation Canada and Pharmacist Regulatory bodies.

Medication Area Inspections

Quickly and easily record medication area inspections using any browser or mobile device. Responses to your customized checklists are immediately recorded and available for robust reporting. Our unique photo documentation capabilities ensure that problems are recorded for future remediation.


Our optional inspections assignment option allows you to schedule inspections to specific users on your staff. Quickly identify outstanding inspections and easily report on staff performance.


The robust analytics include both summary and detailed information covering all of your unit inspections. Provide auditors or surveyors detailed information with a moments notice.

Schedule Inspections

Fully customizable with unlimited number of checklist inspections at no additional cost.

Receive Alerts

Ensure pharmacy and nursing receive alerts of non-compliance or completion of inspections.


Unique photo documentation and electronic sign-off.


Provides compliance reporting (e.g., TJC MM 2.20) and eases auditing.

Hit the Easy Button

Easy-to-use criteria, inspection templates, and fast implementation.

Mobile Ready

Mobile-centric application, easy to implement and maintain.

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