Medication tracking system to reduce turnaround times and improve communications on medication deliveries.

Robust Analytics

Our Analytics platform enables managers to distinguish problem points quickly and easily in the medication preparation and distribution processes. Drill-down capabilities provide the ability to determine specific locations, users, medications, or shifts that contribute to delays or inefficiencies. This data can be used in LEAN processes of improvement.

Medication Tracking Status Board

Web and mobile-based status boards provide pharmacy and nursing with immediate visibility into all medication orders throughout the facility. HL7 integration with your vendor system automatically populates the status board, and the board is updated upon every touch point throughout the preparation and delivery process.

Minimize Nursing Calls

Decreases lost and missed doses & improves communication & relationship with nursing.

Identify Problem Branches

Transparency of the medication distribution process for pharmacy and nursing & improves audit tracking.

Transparency of Distribution

Track order status and location on customizable situation boards with a chain of custody documentation.

High-Level Metrics

Analyze turnaround times and other critical performance metrics.

Reduce Turnaround Time

Record approval and delivery details by order, user, and location and track items in individual and batch modes.

Mobile Ready

Enable quick access to information via any browser or mobile device.

"We were looking for one platform that provided several different applications, and PharmacyKeeper has Verification, Inspections, Activities and Tracking. One vendor with all the integrated apps aligns with the approach we have taken with our automation platform. One platform to serve the pharmacy operation needs across the board. We like the ability to partner with a solution that can innovate and continuously improve."

Jack Temple, Pharmacy Manager, University of Wisconsin Health

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