Julie Boring

EVP, Operations

Please describe your career path?

My career began more than 5 years ago managing projects in the commercial and DoD sectors of environmental assessment. Next I moved to a role implementing and managing projects within the CMS regulated customer experience sector of healthcare organizations. Now working with MedKeeper, I have had the opportunity to implement the PharmacyKeeper solution to many of our customers. I have since moved into the Chief of Staff role where I oversee strategic initiatives, corporate development, product management, and human resources.

How did your previous roles help prepare you for what you are doing now?

The Chief of Staff role is a unique position that requires you to wear multiple hats and be aware of the happenings throughout the organization at all times. Having experience in managing multiple projects at a time has helped me prepare for this role by providing the necessary skillsets to effectively plan, manage, and execute on any given initiative.

How would you describe the environment and culture of MedKeeper?

MedKeeper is filled with very talented, dedicated, and innovative people that have FUN while creating and implementing cool solutions that help to improve efficiency in patient safety within healthcare organizations.

What factors originally drew you to working for MedKeeper?

I was originally drawn to the idea of being with an organization that created innovative, custom solutions for their customers. Since then, the other factors that make me a continued advocate of MedKeeper are the passion for our customers, the way the team values each other, and how we have fun while doing it!

What advice do you have for current pharmacy technicians who may be interested in following a similar career path to yours?

Continue to challenge yourself to do more and be better than you were yesterday. Be creative. Always say “yes” to new challenges and opportunities.

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