Philip Almeter, PharmD
Senior Director of Acute Care Services
Facility Name
UK HealthCare
Licensed Beds


Application Used
PharmacyKeeper Verification
Lexington, KY
Compounding Volume



Why did you feel compelled to “do something” relative to your pre-existing IV compounding process?

There were many reasons why we were looking for new technology in our IV compounding space. First and foremost, we wanted to get in front of the new regulations coming from USP 797 updates, as well as our Board of Pharmacy. We also were interested in a method of tracking and reporting all the steps and workflows of our operations in the compounding space. We wanted an automation element that could support the current workflow and capture the documentation needs without adding unnecessary steps. We were excited to see MedKeeper’s solution had such a small footprint too.


Describe your process for identifying the preferred vendor/partner?

When examining vendors UK looked for a solution that satisfied 5 requirements:

  1. Web Based
  2. Wireless/app supported and mobile friendly to all devices
  3. Barcode component validation and built in library maintenance
  4. Small physical footprint
  5. Supportive of both patient specific and batch compounding


How has the system matched to your original objectives? Do you feel the current process has improved the quality baseline, safety, and enhanced compliance requirements?

Prior to implementing PharmacyKeeper, our pharmacists had to walk across campus from the infusion center to our inpatient pharmacy to verify the final chemo products. Now with remote technology, our pharmacists are able to spend more time focusing on patient care. Also, since implementing PharmacyKeeper, we have been able to enhance transparency within the compounding areas of our pharmacy. We can log into the reporting section of PharmacyKeeper and all of our documentation is readily available if needed. Yes, absolutely. We now have a solution in place to demonstrate our compliance efforts and ultimately add to the safety and quality of our work.

PharmacyKeeper Applications Used at UK Healthcare


Photo-based, medication workflow system to increase staff efficiency and ensure compliance with state compounding regulations.
2017 KLAS Category Leader for IV Workflow Management


Compounding quality assurance system to ensure compliance with USP <795>, USP <797> and USP <800>.


Medication tracking system to reduce turnaround times and improve communications on medication deliveries.

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